My Favorite Skincare Products

Let’s be honest. I am 37, and there isn’t a product on this earth I haven’t tried.

My skincare regimen focuses on products that: fight acne, soothe, exfoliate, nourish, hydrate, and fight aging.

There is no such thing as a 1-2-3 step routine that never changes. Well, I take that back, There is no such thing as a 1-2-3 step routine that never changes, UNLESS you’re a man, and in that case you’re likely using your Old Spice body wash and Jergen’s hand lotion on your face.

Enjoy the read; there are products for all budgets and keep in mind the more pricey ones can last for months.

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My top 5 travel research and booking sites to make your vacation affordable and awesome!

Overwhelmed with the process of researching and booking a trip??

Yea, welcome to the club. Travelling doesn’t have to be royally expensive or a stressful booking experience.

For me it’s all about deals, experience, dependability and reviews!

In this blog post, I will break down my top 5 resources for researching and booking a vacation.

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Europe in a Week: Barcelona, Rome, and Amalfi

How to get the most out of a week long trip to Europe: 2 countries, 3 cities!

Europe is such a historical and delicious county to travel to.

It can be overwhelming to narrow down which countries to visit so here’s how I decided: First; food, second; things to do, and third; it must end with a beach or some form of waterfront.

That being said, it was decided that we would start with Barcelona, and then travel to Rome, and finish on the Amalfi Coast.

This blog will break down the things to eat, places to stay, things to do, things to buy, how to get around, and things to know ahead of time for each city.

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The Benefits of Inter-professional Care Collaboration

This is a guest blog from Nurse Grid.

Providing healthcare is a monumental challenge. With so many variables in the face of a life-or-death situation, there’s little room for error when caring for a patient. But doctors and nurses can improve the quality of care they provide by comparing their approach to healthcare with their colleagues.

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