Katie Duke is a Nurse Practitioner, Speaker, and Social Media Influencer from New York City.

Her personal brand is built on a platform of speaking events ranging from Academic Conferences and Seminars, International Retreats, College and University Events, and Lifestyle and Motivational Events.

She is the creator of the "Duke It Up" Event, which is an Empowerment event series hosted across the country focusing on owning your mistakes and harnessing the power of passion and potential to turn your story into success.

She is a contributor to local and syndicated news and media outlets with many appearances on the Dr. Oz show, abc, Discovery Life, OWN, TLC, and The Doctors Talk Show, and is a contributor to Scrubs Magazine, Podcasts, Blogs, and Editorial Pieces.

Her areas of subject matter are:

  • Personal Empowerment

  • Social Media Use in Healthcare

  • Overcoming Failure in Your Personal and Professional Journey

  • Body Positivity

  • Mentoring

  • Modern Day Apps and Proper Use in Healthcare

  • Nurse Empowerment

  • Building a Brand in the Age of Social Media